About and Contact

Herzlich Willkommen! Welcome! Bienvenue! Bonzour!

Blogging has always been a little idea of mine. I have blogged before for my degree but never carried on. Thought about blogging about my experience living in a new city but that never happened.

My name is Tasneem. I am a proud half Mauritian half German above 25 years still young woman. Born and raised in Mauritius, I moved to Berlin in 2014 to discover this other half of my person.

After happily graduating (BA in Mass Communications), I moved to Berlin, met many new faces, took pictures, worked many jobs.

I then decided to follow a long time dream; becoming a member and being part of “the Cabin Crew”, to work above the clouds, and not in an office, to serve people and be part of their trip.

I enjoy painting, crafting and photography a lot. If you happen to enjoy my art, please let me know. You can find some on ETSY, or if you like you could contact me here via e-mail to order anything you like. I will glaadly make mandalas for you, in colours of your choice.

This blog is a little about my journey through life, a little bit about my success and failures, and about my still ongoing path into “becoming”.

I hope we create a dialogue, maybe we can share our experiences.

Contact me anytime here via comments or drop me an e-mail at tasneemdustagheer@gmail.com

Much love! More peace!