Command Refresh

It would be too easy if we could do the same with our minds and lives; delete, escape button, refresh, ctrl C, ctrl V and all the rest. Too easy. Too perfectionist. Instead of having those magic buttons and commands we have a magic brain which is connected not to the world wide web but to the wonderful wide world. You knowingly or unknowingly tap commands into the real www and whether you want it or not, life happens.

Shit happens too. The movie I was playing in my mind did not last long unfortunately or fortunately. Let us stay positive say the teachers! Keep patience says someone. You’ll find your path says the other. Love life says the book while in the inside, you cry…

Finally you learn to get over the fact that maybe this dream job you had was not meant to be lived longer. At the end of the day to be fair to yourself, you did complete that dream. You achieved it. You got to live it. The dream didn’t remain a dream. You actually got into the uniform, walked kilometers on ground and in the air in those shoes, greeted friends and colleagues, and came back fully alive and healthy! Beautiful!

But what now? What is the next step? Ah… This question never leaves anyone, does it? At least we all connect and understand each other on that level. The next step needs to be taken, that we know!

My next step…. was alongside an adventurous one. I met someone named Danger (friends and family call him so). He is teaching me to face my fear which happens to be in myself, or beziehungsweise is myself. I thought I had completed part of this ‘process ‘ or ‘progress’ which is the one of discovering oneself. It is funny, but during several stages of life I had that thought: “Finally, I am bloo-oou-ming, it is now, it is happening!!”

But you are a tree see. And you never stop blooming. The seasons will come and go, the cycles of life will go on repeating and happening and you will always learn how to bloom again, and again aaaand again! Some seasons will be rougher and you will loose branches. When spring comes again you won’t be as green as last year. But you will grow leaves nevertheless, bloom again and summer will do you good. The bees will make sure of it. You will find joy again in the bright colours of your neighbour flowers. You will enjoy all that warmth and energy from the sun.

Danger helped me open my wings. The dodo will fly no matter how! I nested my weaker wings under his stronger wings and we flew to the jungle. We flew to bigger trees and breathed in energy from this wonderful wide world.

I lived each and every moment. I grew feathers of completely different colours. We both grew new feathers. We now share them.

Until next time!


More feathers were piercing out of my Dodo-skin

I started writing a post before the first big flight, but was too excited, anxious and nervous that I never posted it or saved it. The post was about the different various cycle of life and how they resembled each other over time in those different periods of one’s life.

Like before every storm, there is calm. My nest gets to know this calm before every new big chapter. Who says a storm is a solely bad thing? New chapters can be storms; storms of emotions, storms of new scents and smells, new places to see, new faces to meet, new bonds to be created, new challenges to be taken. One big beautiful storm!

The week before the first flight, I had started up the new habit of going to see the sunset’s colours on the frozen fields. Because of the proximity to the airport in Munich, I’d look up at the several planes and sunset-dream about the first time being so far away from home. More and more feathers were piercing out of my Dodo-skin.



Jour J

Today, February 2nd  is the day! MUC-LAX. I cannot stop smiling. I feel like I am a child on Christmas. Not even in my wildest dreams would I see myself walking down any city of a country so far away from home, but in real life its happening.

Suitcase. Check

Passport. Check

Uniform. Check

Excitement. Check!

Ready for take-off.

Words cannot express the feelings. It’s not only the excitement of experiencing a new city, it’s also the excitement of being in a team over the clouds with people I do not know in a man-made machine flying higher than birds.

The unusual weather in LA didn’t take its magic away. As heard from colleagues, they had never experienced LA with such clouds and rain. I thought it was quite nice to walk down the beach in such a weather, it was calm and not crowded at all.

I am finding it hard to express anything in words.

Every _____ counts.

Every _____ counts.

Fill in the blank.

Words to choose:

Experience. Move. Decision. Test. Cent. Jump. Second. Hesitation. Mistake. Moment. Asshole. Person. Thing. Sunrise. Sunset. Smile. Tear. Sweat. Accomplishment. Rejection. Help. Advice.

Positive or negative, most words I think of can fit and make sense in that little three word sentence. 2016 made me use all of those words. I moved across cities of Germany in order to chase that dream, decisions had to be taken, money had been spent and saved, assholes at work were welcomed in my life and shown the door, lovely people came into my life too. Everything in 2016 had its importance and value; every experience made this year a beautiful one. As 2017 starts, I think forward, picture my year ahead and wonder how these words will take form and come to life this time.

2016, and the years before that have taught me to keep my Kopf hoch (keep my head up, not high. Yes. Pun intended). We will all encounter rejections that make us wonder if whatever we want is really meant to be. The key to moving ahead is learning bit by bit or learning fast at a Superman speed.

Slow learners, and there is absolutely no shame in being a slow learner will look at rejection in the face and feel very much unmotivated for a while before finding the will to face anything again. Fast learners will get a kick out of it and move on to the next open challenge at once. Whoever you are, the door will open!

Failed at first interview? It is OKAY! Really!

Our world today is so diverse, 100 companies offering the same service in different forms and variations; you can and will find something! And if not, maybe you are just too clever for companies and should start your own thing, creativity lies in every single person. (If entrepreneuring and creating is still not your thing, hmmm maybe priesthood? I don’t know… Pray though)

I got rejected by Emirates, the first airline I ever applied at.

Things I learnt from it:

  1. Pack up your stuff the eve; papers, passports, CVs, bag, shoes, train ticket. Know where you are going, check up the address.
  2. Be on time. Yep!
  3. Do some research. It shows you really have interest. The interviews I have been in for airlines always happened in groups meaning that many people will raise their hands when the pretty presenter will ask questions. Be among those who raise their hands.
  4. Dress up and maybe even raise it up your usual notch. Wear the make-up, the heels, do your hair, wear the stockings. Guys: shave, wear a tie, and forget the bun. Everyone: hide your tattoos.
  5. During group exercises be respectful, but show your skills in leading people, suggest ideas and solutions, do not linger on how to find the solutions. Be proactive but do not be arrogant. Show engagement in the exercise as well as in the people around you. Smile and laugh to keep the atmosphere light. Compliment your team at the end of the exercise.
  6. Eye contact and keep it for a few seconds. Helps so much and shows you are a brave and sure of yourself individual.
  7. Don’t forget to bring oxygen to your brain. It will calm you down.
  8. Speak clear and with the appropriate tone.
  9. Pretend you are an old movie where thank yous and good (or nearly better) manners are never enough. Good day Madam, you are most welcomed, please, my pleasure.
  10. Always smile. It helps you most of all. And only by being in a good and happy mood yourself will you convey it to everyone else.

If you receive a no at the end of the interview, smile anyway. The world has so many doors. Let time do its job but do yours too! Your job is not to give up on yourself. It is very cliché to say “you are your own key to the several doors of opportunity and happiness”, but it really is so. You will know it some days and forget about it on others. Do not look back at the closed door. It’s closed, it’s done and cannot be undone. If you believe going for that job, that project, or whatever really it may be that will contribute to your happiness then look ahead, move forward, leave your room, walk, and get it done! You will enjoy relaxing so much more once it has been accomplished.

I wish you a beautiful 2017.


The first blog post

As a Dodo learns how to fly

You’ve probably already seen the Dodo somewhere; in some scenes of the intoxicated Alice in Wonderland, during comical scenes of Ice Age (where the bird is depicted as quite silly, jumping to its own extinction) or maybe you have seen a representation of it in London at the museum and for those of you who have been to Mauritius I am sure you have seen it standing in several places across the island, like in Port Louis the colourful capital city.

The peaceful Dodo once lived on a fairytale island where nature was abundant and where this race called HUMAN had not yet set foot. Some history (from my head and great friend Wikipedia): the Dodo was endemic to the island of Mauritius and was first recorded by Dutch sailors in 1598. The bird was hunted down by sailors; parts of its meat were considered to be very edible and since this 21Kg prey could not fly, it was an easy catch. To my compatriots who describe it as being a stupid being, I say NO! It was, in my eyes, a peaceful being, naive maybe but minding its own business. Its extinction was not immediately noticed but it was among the first animals, if not the first, to raise awareness to the previously unrecognised problem of human involvement in the disappearance of an entire species. This bird, who is a part of my being, warned us folks that nothing on our planet lasts forever. Did we take notice yet? Hard to tell!

Unlike the Dodo, I decided to let my evolution grow myself some wings. In August 2014, I left my colourful nest Mauritius and flew across oceans and continents to land on another tree: Germany. Germany is the land where my beautiful mom was born and raised before she decided to marry her own Dodo and move to heaven on earth. I did not opt for the cosiest of new nests though. My stubbornness took me to Berlin. Yeah!

I am sure that once humans landed on Mauritius, the Dodo knew exactly that its evolution choice of keeping itself on ground was a bad idea. Wings, after all, aren’t that bad… My dream of being a bird above grey clouds settled in very young. My father flew a lot himself, so his influence took place in my brain at a very young age. My father flies with a flock named Air Mauritius. This career path he had chosen made me dream since as long as I can remember. I wanted to fly too. I wanted to be part of a flock too. I wanted to wear the same colours of my flock. I wanted to make people smile. I wanted to be an air hostess.

I had studied before leaving for Berlin. I enjoyed every minute of the degree and graduated quite proudly dreaming new dreams of my future self. I took up jobs, had several Kopfkinos about my life but something was missing. When this thing that we cannot immediately identify is missing, we make bad decisions. I had stopped counting mine. But coming to Berlin felt right. So I took that decision. Hell!, I thought, who cares if its yet another bad decision, I’ll just f*cking do it.

And I did. And today I say this was the best decision of my life, so far. Many more best decisions are yet to come.

Berlin. Beautiful, vibrant, young, historical, cold, sometimes mean Berlin. Thank you! You made me struggle, made me cry but like a heartless mother, you turned me into an independent young woman.

So in Berlin I noticed quickly that my degree was not of a big help. My German was good enough but not good enough to start writing and communicating with an audience. I was a waitress, was a babysitter, cleaned homes, sold magnets, and one Christmas I sold potatoes. I am ever thankful for these jobs although some of them made me cry and feel very much unhappy, unsatisfied and quite depressed until my childself reminded me of that dream I once had.

Remember those big machines that fly above the bad weather? Little me asked.

Oh yeah… I said. I remember!

Applying for your dream job is nerve wrecking, especially in times where your mind and body feels absolutely depressed and not worth it. Time gears into speeds that make you think that whole world around you must be on speed or cocaine or something. You learn to be patient. You learn that giving up is a curse.

Application number one

Germawings during Berlin’s summer of 2015. With the help of a friend, I applied in perfect German and waited.

Bitte waten.

Bitte laenger warten.

Application number two: easyJet during late summer 2015.

easyJet: Congratulations! We invite you to come meet us and introduce yourself to us!

Me: YES!!!!!!!

Application number one part two: Germanwings in March 2016.

Germanwings: Sorry for keeping you on the line Frau Dustagheer. We invite you to come introduce yourself to us.

Me: Wait… What? You still have my application? Oh… well, yes sure! I’ll be there tomorrow, or now itself if you like!

Both applications had been positive. The German in me made me pick the German wings instead of the British wings.

And so, the first real step to my dream of flying had begun.

The Dodo in me could feel more feathers.